Ask , Believe, and Receive.

It all begins with a thought.

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My name is Tina-Marie, after 40 + years of hairstyling and creating a repour with thousands of clients over the years and life experiences including 2 failed marriages and many relationships, it had become my goal to learn what Love is and what people do and why they do it.

For the last 10 years, I have self-studied through various Gurus, like Eric Fromm and Martin Buber. One special friend named Muhamad has guided me with knowledge from his special training at NTL in Washington DC and various Masters Degrees from NYU in human relations. Muhamad has tremendous experience in human and industrial relation issues with great clarity. He has helped hundreds of people around the world including doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, company heads, individuals, and couples as a change agent and has helped them obtain their goals through planned change. It is our goal to bring meaningful growth and goal-oriented growth into people’s lives.

What We Do

We Provide help through better understanding of the self and those they have to deal with. The Key for real happiness,
is doing what your insides want. Our goal is contentment and peace.


We are here to help!

Although we specialize in relationships through inter personal training , we can help you discover your goal, find a realistic plan of action, keep you on tract to reach your goal and within a time frame set by you.


Seize Your Moment

We will see you through at being a winner in making your dreams come true.


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With a life coach, you will have the support you need to succeed.

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Call us today for pricing and forms for us to better understand you. We can do face to face here at Olympia life coach center/ Olympia Salon, or through social media, Skype, Whats App, FB messenger , or Facetime.


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